Our Story

The QicForms Journey


QicForms has been developed by 152HQ Pty Ltd as the ultimate solution to transform business into the digital age.  QicForms goes far beyond just digitising your forms with our no-code form builder, it will automate and revolutionise any business. Businesses can convert paper forms to digital at a pace that suits the business, minimising disruption and matching the learning curve of your staff.

About 152HQ

152HQ has been transforming businesses through digitalisation for years. We believe that digitisation is a better way to collect, access and analyse your data, without changing how you do business.
We are an Australian owned company based at the Innovation Campus, Wollongong who love to deliver exciting software solutions that exceed our customer’s expectations.
We’re passionate about implementing digital systems that not only improve business efficiencies but also disrupt how people perceive IT projects.

Our Mission

152HQ improves how businesses around the world collect and use their data. We want our software to connect mobile workers and management in an instant. We focus on the user’s experience, making sure meaningful data is easily collected, so that informed real time decisions can be made. Traditional paper systems have become mundane and costly causing complacency and disengagement. Through digitisation and data automation, 152HQ provides solutions that engage users to collect on go data, accessible from the one platform.

Our Vision

To optimise your business practices, by transforming your existing paper system(s) to digital. In turn providing a positive impact to the environment, team moral and your bottom line.

Proven Capacities

With over 30 years of experience in business management and software development we understand what is needed to provide you with a simple, robust and reliable solution. Through 152HQ’s best practice matrix we have been able to achieve repeatable and sustainable growth.
We know that writing fantastic code is only part of the solution. Projects start by gaining a solid grasp of the client objectives, understanding all the complexities and then providing them with a robust solution.
Our client base includes high preforming international enterprises including South32, Centennial Coal, Peabody Energy, BlueScope Steel and UGL Unipart.
2018 saw 152HQ awarded Gold Disruptor at the national ACS Digital Disruptor Award for Service Transformation for the Digital Consumer: Corporate.  This award recognises 152HQ’s efforts to drive productivity through digital innovation that delivers valuable, tangible results.

Karen accepting the national ACS Gold Digital Disruptor Award for 2018 for 152HQ.

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