Registering an account is easy and it’s FREE. Simply click on the Register buttons or links located on our website or on the app home screen, or from our newsletters and mail outs.

Once you have registered an account, you will receive a Welcome email with your login details and password. You will also receive 50 Free credits to get you up and started with QicForms. Remember: There are no limits to the number of forms or users on your account.

Yeap, don’t worry - we have all done it.

Your password (and log in details) can be found on your Welcome Email. But if that it has been misfiled, then simply click on the Forgot Password? Link found on the QicForms login screen for both desktop and mobile applications. A reset password email will then be sent to your nominated email address. Simply follow the prompts.

For those with access to the website, log into your account using your existing password. Click on your profile avatar in the top right of the main heading. Select My Profile. Scroll down the page until you come to Password. Simply type your new password in. Want to check you have spelt it correctly? Easy, click on the eye icon, to the right of where you are typing, to view.

For app only users, you can ask your manager to reset your password for you, following the method above.

Not a programmer? Not a problem! Form creation is easy with QicForms drag and drop technology. Just select your field component, drag and drop it onto our preview pane, save and configure your app.

Don’t believe it can be that easy? Then check out our How to Create Digital Forms in Minutes video. Or get help in our Resource Centre, within your QicForms account.

Still sound too hard? Then send your forms to our awesome team and we will create them for you. (Fees may apply.)

Take your forms to the next level! QicForms has over 30 field types that will revolutionise how you collect field data. From voice to text, annotations for your images, GPS locations, QR Scanners, signature pads, Qualitative surveys, checkboxes and file uploads to name a few. If you can’t find it, we can make it.

From Your App: Once you have created a form on your app you will automatically be prompted to enter your and/or other’s email addresses. A pdf version of your form will then be shared to these emails.
From Your Management System: Under the Submissions Menu, select your form to share. From your Controls icon, select

  1. “Download” to download your form pdf to your hardware, or
  2. “Preview”. Then click on the Download button.

Once downloaded to your hardware you will be able to share this form via email etc
For API Integration: Contact our team to arrange raw data tranfers via API connections with other software providers.


Absolutely! To make it easier for app users, or to allow for the installation of a kiosk, you are now able to set how you would like Users to log into the app; by Email and Password or Account ID and Pin.

Account Owners or Managers can set this function from the Settings/App Branding menu within the web management system. Set your account to Account ID and Pin and after the initial login, the device will ask only for a User’s pin number to grant them access. (The system/device will remember the Account ID automatically.)

This is easy. Simply click on the complete button at the base of the form you have competed. This will instantly upload that form to the web management system.

Perhaps you wish to upload a form that you completed some time again. Open your app, click on Submissions from the main menu. Find your form and click on the green sync/download arrow located on that form.

If your form failed to upload due to no signal, it will automatically save to the device. When you are in an area where signal is know to operate, resync your device by clicking the main menu (hamburger menu) in the far right corner of the app. Click on My Settings, then click on the blue Sync Now button.

If a form has been created or edited from within the web management system, then you will need to sync your app to receive these changes. Click on the hamburger menu in the top right of your app. Select My Settings and then click the blue Sync Now button.


Unlike our competitors, you are not limited to the number of forms, or Users you have on your account. There is no monthly subscriptions or hidden costs. Instead you only pay for what you use.

Accounts are initially set up with 50 credits for FREE, to allow you to try QicForms before you commit.

It costs 1 credit each time a form is completed and submitted to your web management system. Credit Plans start at ~ 10cents per form submission, with discounts offered for bulk credit purchases.

We keep it simple and transparent when it comes to money. You can see how many credits you have from anywhere within QicForms web management system as a credit counter is located on your main menu (top right).

This box will flash red, and an email will be sent to the Account Owner when you have less than 50 credits available.

For further account interrogation, click on your avatar and choose Billing from the dropdown menu. Here you can see which forms were submitted when and by whom, how many credits you have on your account and when they were issued.

Submitted forms can be seen on your account dashboard. Simply click on the Submission menu item to gain access.

Or for account/credit verification, assess the Billing menu from your Profile dropdown menu.

We get it. Form creation is not the most glamorous job! But our team of experts are pretty damn good at it.

We can take your paper forms and make them extraordinary. Simply upload a copy of your form to our team using the interface in your accounts area. We will provide a price to create the form for you. Pricing is purely based on complexity.


Your Account Owner simply logs into your account, accesses Billing from their Avatar/Profile dropdown menu and click on Purchase Credits.

Sure, our banking details are provided on the shopping cart screen, using your account id as the reference and we will credit your account once the payment has been processed.

Sure, just contact our friendly team to arrange billing details.


Absolutely not! Your data is only accessible by those who have access to your account. We use data encryption, tokens and account permissions to guard against security breaches.

QicForms is stored on Australia cloud servers based in Sydney. These servers are bank/govermant grade secure servers.

Sure, our professional team will liaise with your IT department to ensure a swift installation. This option allows you to control configuration, data backup, upgrades and system changes.

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