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Standard Plan

Our standard plan includes the full cloud based solution with all features included

Simple, Fair Pricing, you only pay for what you use, without requiring long-term contracts or complex licensing.

Dedicated Solution

We take the time to understand your current processes and configure a solution that will improve quality, performance and your bottom line. Whether you need a hand creating your forms, customising your workflows, or are looking for an In Premises solution, we have packages that can integrate direct into your business.

Helping Out

We know what it is like starting out or trying to accomplish something great with a limited budget. We have numerous options designed to get you up and going.

Now it is our turn to give back to the community.


$ ??? Pricing on Application
  • All Standard Features
  • Dedicated Solution
  • Specific Workflows
  • Specific Templates
  • Specific Reporting
  • Dedicated Solution Manager
$ ??? Giving back to the Community
  • All Standard Features

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Why QicForms is better than the competitors!

QicForms Competitors
Totally fair pricing. Select your rate and pay for only what you use. (Draw down on your credits) ~$50 monthly/user
No limit to the number of Forms, Submissions, Users or Devices. Limited by licence selected
No limit to functionality (Access to all features from day one) Limited by license selected
Advanced Form Components (Leading edge technology) Limited by older technology
Design your own app to reflect your professional branding Limited or not available
Send eForms to external stakeholders for easy data collection Limited or not available
Triggered events (Alerts / messages sent) Limited or not available
Flexible drag-and-drop form builder Available with limited fields
Comprehensive built-in reporting Available but limited
Enterprise level, professional pdf report builder Available but limited
Statistical data and reporting Available but limited
User role specific access levels Available but limited
Access to editable templates, form reviews and community forum Limited or not available
Earn credits for your contributions Not available

Frequently asked pricing questions!

Sure, Simply complete our sign-up form to get the process started.
Accounts are initially set up with 50 credits for FREE, to allow you to try QicForms before you commit.
It costs 1 credit each time a form is submitted to your web management system.
Unlike our competitors, you are not limited to the number of forms or Users you have on your account. There is no monthly subscriptions or hidden costs. Instead you only pay for what you use.
It costs 1 credit each time a form is submitted to your web management system.
Credit Plans start at ~ 10cents per form submission, with discounts offered for bulk credit purchases.

One (1) Credit equals One (1) Form Submission.
A form submission is when a form is submitted and saved from a mobile device or the website to the database.
The following processes may take place:-

  • Database / real time information updated.
  • Analytical reports updated.
  • Media / pictures uploaded / shared.
  • .pdf report created and sent / shared.
  • Encrypted data transfer to webserver.
  • Email / SMS / internal notification message sent.
  • Triggered event takes place.
The short answer is that purchased credits don't ever really "expire."
Free credits may have an expiry date. This is dependent on the type of free credit deal, promotion or type. (See the Terms of Service for full details)

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